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Residential Water & 
Wastewater System Services

It’s about selecting the correct, cost effective solution for you and your investment.

At Essential Operations, our clients are our number one priority and we go the extra mile to make sure they’re satisfied. That includes providing approved treatment options that our clients can select from.

Essential Operations is an independent consultant, wastewater system designer and approved on-site system service provider (OSSP) for residential enhanced or alternative treatment system inspections.

Moving Boxes

Buying or Selling Your Home?

Whether it is a traditional, enhanced, or a Lift station septic system, Essential Operations can provide a comprehensive inspection and report of the current state of the system according to the National Association of Wastewater Technician standards.

A Sales Inspection service can vary in what is needed to provide the buyer with a thorough report but at a minimum it will include:


Background on the system through the County/other agencies

Photo Documented Inspection

Including a 45 minute disposal system water flow test

Thorough Report

System's current condition and any recommendations for future maintenance or repair

Possible Additional Services if Applicable/Accessible

Lift Station test, Disposal field investigation

This service is provided at our consulting rate and includes travel time to and from the property.

Other Residential Services

Alternative system services:

-Annual inspections & maintenance contracts which include general maintenance, inspection and reporting to the county or state regulatory agency.

-Treatment system repairs and upgrades.

-Disposal system - Drip-line and Leach field rehabilitation and repair.

Surface Water and Groundwater Treatment

We have cost effective solutions for common water issues facing residential water systems.

Water sampling and treatment services for small and big systems.

Save Money on Solids Pumping 

Ask about our cost savings service on treatment tank and disposal tank solids management.

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