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Whale Research

Monterey County Systems & Regulation

Service Options for Owners of Alternative System 

According to Santa Cruz County regulations, after the initial 2-year operation and monitoring of an enhanced treatment system, property owners can select to change service providers. As required by county regulations Essential Operations provides cost effective annual service contracts for service, reporting and general maintenance.

New and Existing Wastewater Systems

Essential Operations can assist with the design, selection, and installation of new alternative system.


Sand Filters

Basic Septic System




Micro SepTec


Lift Stations

Living Machine

Pump and Collection Systems

Trickling Filters

Screening Systems

We can also provide annual

compliance inspections and maintenance on systems older than two years. Our service include

  • Inspection,

  • Maintenance,

  • Troubleshooting,

  • Solids management

  • Compliance sampling,

  • Remote monitoring, 

  • 24/7 response to alarms.

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