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At Essential Operations

Essential Operations is committed to providing our clients with dependable, professional, and engaging services. We really enjoy helping people maintain safe systems and protect the environment. Our technicians work with a network of dedicated service providers, operators and engineers to provide a wide resource center to help people connect water and wastewater problems with solutions in the Santa Cruz, Monterey, Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Benito counties.

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Water is the most essential of essential services during this time.  Clean water provides for the ability to keep us and everything around us clean, thus keeping us safe during this outbreak.  

Wastewater is not often thought of as an essential service during such a time as this. Until it can be too late. While sheltering within the home, the extra cleaning, and extra people could slowly start straining a septic system which has not had to meet such demands in the past.

Operational Services

Local service and resource provider

Residential, Community, and Industrial

  • Ground and Surface Water Analysis

  • Monthly Bacteriological Sampling

  • Annual water quality monitoring  

  • Treatment compliance and performance monitoring

  • Surface water treatment water quality monitoring and sampling

  • Storm water monitoring

  • Meter Reading

  • Wastewater sampling and monitoring

  • Surfacing water/discharge investigation

  • Revised Total Coliform Rule Level 1 Assessments 

New and Existing Water and Wastewater Systems

Essential Operations can assist with the operations and maintenance of a new or existing water and wastewater treatment system, including start up, troubleshooting, compliance reporting, SCADA and remote monitoring, system operation and 24/7 alarm response.

Home: Services
Home: Services
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